Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do You EQ...?

One of the best sofware packages out there today for the home quilter or quilt designer is the software put out by The Electric Quilt Co.  I love these people.  They know how to get it done if you have no clue where to begin.

Recently, I was working on my BOM quilt design, wondering how I was ever going to figure out the yardage requirements for the final quilt.  I played around with the software for a while but couldn't figure it out (and I like to figure things out on my own, if I'm able to and there aren't any time constraints).  So I call EQ.  Their phone number is on the inside cover of their User Manual and I ended up talking with Andrea.  This girl is a mathematical whiz.  She had me whipping around my software, changing, adjusting, moving, increasing this field, checking the box on that field, and all that jazz.  We did it!  Okay, 'she' did it.  Thanks for your help, Andrea!  And Penny is just as delightful as you!

It is my sister Ann's birthday today.  "Happy Birthday, Ann!"  I sure wish I could have taken her out to lunch today.  Unfortunately, the miles between us wouldn't permit.  I hope she had a marvelous day!