Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Asian Fabric Magazine's Winter (End of March, 2009) Issue

I'm working with this Kona Bay panel and created a wall hanging for Asian Fabric Magazine, the magazine published for Kona Bay Fabrics. Along with the wall hanging will be a coordinating throw that will blend with the panel. I'm going to attempt to do some fabric origami on the wall hanging. It will be my first time doing origami of any kind. I thought it would be neat to incorporate the 3-D - look of the origami, adding visual texture to the piece.

I picked up the book, "Origami Rings & Wreaths, A Kaleidoscope of 28 Decorative Origami Creations", by Tomoko Fuse, to use as my teacher. I'll be using up to 3 of the designs created in the book. Tomoko says, "The simple and clear instructions are so easy to follow that even absolute beginners can make units in a few steps without confusion." That comment alone would be why I bought the book.

One day, I hope to take some time and use paper to create some of these unique pieces. There are some great sites on the web where you can buy packages of different origami papers. And WOW!, are they gorgeous.

If you've ever done origami, please leave a comment and let us know how you liked it and what you created from paper or fabric, using this unusual craft.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

June 2009 issue of Quilter's Home Magazine, etc.

I received a phone call from Mark Lipinski of Quilter's Home magazine on Friday, asking a few questions about a quilt I made specifically for QH.  The name of the quilt is "Go Bananas!", and it will be in the June 2009 issue, along with some other colorful quilts.  I used the fabric line called: Minny Muu, by Lecien (a Japanese fabric company).  The fabrics are very playful and fun and I hope you'll enjoy the quilt, too!  The quilt's center is a traditional, somewhat-difficult pattern but I made it up so that anyone can make it easily.

I just checked my photo album to see if I could give you a sneek-peek, but I had forgotten that, at the time, I was rushed to get the quilt in the mail and never took a picture of it.  All I have is the EQ6 image and it simply doesn't show the fabrics as well as in person.

This afternoon I must work on the upcoming "Norman Rockwell's Christmas" collection quilt for Quilting Treasures.  It's a very simple design and I'll let you know when it is available as a free pattern on QT's site (sometime after May).  The quilt will be shown at Spring Market in Pittsburgh, as well, for those of you who are attending.  I'm waiting for my "I Love Lucy" fabrics (also QT).  That's the next one I'll be doing for Spring Market, as well.  The new line is called: "Hollywood At Last".  The thing I love about QT's fabrics is that they bring back such fond memories of the past!