Monday, July 14, 2008

Upcoming Projects

Here we are in the middle of July already, and things are falling into place. We're working with a quilt supply distributor on a project that will be announced at the Spring International Quilt Market, held in Pittsburgh, PA in 2009. I'll be hosting a Schoolhouse introduction class, explaining how it will work. I'm excited about this, being that I'm a former Pittsburger and this debut will be in my old home town. I haven't been back to Pittsburgh since Erv and I were married there, 5 years ago.

I just finished a quilt top for Quilting Treasures with their new Karen Neuberger line called: "Pink Companions II". The fabrics are designed to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. There are polka dots, stripes, checks, and florals in browns, pink, fuschia, apple green, light purple, yellow, white, etc. The design of the fabrics is mod. I'll post a picture of it when the quilt is completed. It is my understanding that it will be a free pattern on Quilting Treasures' website and should be available sometime in August.

Although I have an EQ6 picture of it on our website, my design called: "Highlands March" is currently being quilted. As soon as it is completed, I'll take an actual picture to replace the computer designed rendition. The pattern is currently available for purchase on our website, here (click on the picture of the quilt when you go to the site to see a larger picture of the quilt, for more detail).

I have one more border to add to another new quilt design called: "In The Neighborhood". I hope to get it finished this week, so that I can send it off to be quilted. It's a darling quilt made of squares, representing neighborhood blocks, and long and short strips, representing the main thoroughfairs and side streets in a typical urban neighborhood. I used the "Wee Play" line of fabrics, by American Jane for Moda and love how the bright colors combined with a few muted tones bring such pizzaz to this quilt.

Well, I'm off to get things rockin' so that I'm ready for a busy August. I hope you're enjoying your summer!