Thursday, April 16, 2009

June, 2009 McCall's Quilting Magazine

This is the new June 2009 McCall's Quilting magazine cover. And this is the quilt I designed and made, called: Polka Dot Pinwheels. It is in this issue on page 78. I am so amazed at how wonderful their layouts are and when it's your quilt, you feel like a proud parent. When you check out the quilt, you may do a double-take, as the name was changed to: Nonpareil.

I'm talking with the fabric company - Lecien Corp. - about making this quilt into a kit, so stay tuned! And they requested the quilt for their booth at Spring Market in Pittsburgh, PA, so you can see it in person there.

Russ Adams of The Back Porch Quilters quilted it.

Photos compliments of McCall's Quilting.