Monday, August 13, 2012

Suz-A-Palooza: Week 2

Week 1 Suz-A-Palooza winners can be found, here.

So excited to kick off Week 2!

Over the weekend, husband and I went to a few house sales. We came home with a sweet chair that I'm looking forward to updating.

She's living in our garage, for the time being.

I plan on making a slipcover for it with upholstery fabric I have on-hand. The lines of the chair are simple with arms having a curved feature. It should be a fairly easy project to complete since there is no cushion involved. I'm thinking about adding a tailored skirt with front corner pleats, still showing the wood legs.

We also found a cherry shaker-style Ethan Allen table in excellent condition with just a couple of small surface scratches. At one time, I was a designer for Ethan Allen and remember this piece well! It was an incredible buy, considering it's fine condition and craftsmanship.

Discontinued Ethan Allen side table. Image from Ethan Allen web site.

Brand new, this table went for more than $400. We got both pieces, plus a few yards of wool fabric for a project I'm working on, and a few other do-dads, all for $56.

Finding treasures that catch your interest can take time and patience, but the rewards are reserved for when you come across interesting items that have been take care of and also work well with your unique taste!

Palooza: Week 2

This is what we're giving away this week (plus a small bonus...see below):

More lucious AURIfil thread: One package of 4 full-size spools.

50 wt. cotton spools by AURIfil

More SuzGuz Designs patterns: "Box of Chocolates" and "In The Neighborhood".

Each pattern is written using fat quarters.

More Moda pre-cuts: This week, we're giving away 3 Moda Layer Cakes! Perennials by Kansas Troubles, Max & Whiskers by Basic Grey, and Buttercup by Fig Tree & Co., all for Moda.

And just for kicks, I'm adding in a gift from Amy Butler Design: A small photo wallet and list pad. I've worked with Amy by writing and creating illustrations for 3 of her free patterns on her website.

How to Participate In This Week's Giveaways (If you haven't already done so, please first sign up for the Palooza, here. Thanks!):

Sewists are some of the most friendly and helpful people I know! Please share something you love!

1. Last week, I shared a few links to projects you might like. This week, please go to my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, and post a link to something quilty you like. It can be anything from a favorite tool or gadget, to a book or tutorial. Simply copy/paste the link you wish to share in the Wall Post I've provided, called: "Week 2: For Suz-A-Palooza 2012 Participants". Along with your link, please add why you're sharing it, too!

2. BONUS Chance To Win This Week's Prizes: Share Your Work! Perhaps you've made something from an online quilt-a-long or other online group project, recently. Or, you recently finished a quilt that you'd love to share.  Feel free to post an image of your project on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. Simply write a small description of your work, then click on "Photo/Video" above your description to add the image.

Note: If you need help with this, please send me a message through my Fan Page and I'll gladly walk you through it!

The purpose of this week's participation is to share ideas and meet new friends who share our love of sewing. I hope you'll enjoy the process and good luck with this week's winnings! Thanks!!

Suz-A-Palooza: Week 1 Winners Announced!

You can still sign up for Suz-A-Palooza! Go here for information on signing up, and for a chance to win the remaining week's prizes, plus Grand Prize!

Out of all of the winners, 2 came from the initial sign-up through my website, where you sent in your first/last name, e-mail address, plus the code word: "suzapalooza12". The remaining 4 prize winners came from answering last week's question and BONUS question through my Facebook Fan Page. So it goes to show you how your chances to win increase with extra participation (plus, I love hearing from you!).

 I use a random generator to "pull" the winners of the prizes each week. Here are this week's winners:

Prize 1: My "Peppermint Candy" quilt pattern ($9.50 value). A super-easy quilt to make for the upcoming Christmas season.
Congratulations! Winner: Marija V.!

Prize 2: My "Gables and Eaves" quilt pattern ($9.50 value). A 2-in-1 pattern using a Jelly Roll and Layer Cake (or, use fabrics from your stash with instructions included).
Congratulations! Winner: Paula G.!

Prize 3: My "Candy Bar Road" quilt pattern ($9.50 value). My all-time, best-selling quilt pattern, using a Jelly Roll and Layer Cake (or, use fabrics from your stash).
Congratulations! Winner: Lindsay M.!

Prize 4: One Layer Cake, from the collection called "Just Wing It", by Momo for Moda.
Congratulations! Winner: Beth B.!

Prize 5: One Layer Cake, from the collection called "Lilac Hill", by Brannock and Patek for Moda.
Congratulations! Winner: Janet F.!

Prize 6: One starter pack of 4 full-size spools of AURIfil 50 wt. 100% cotton thread.
Congratulations! Winner: Diane B.!

Prizes in the coming weeks will be similar. The Grand Prize will have an approximate retail value of over $150!

I hope this first week was as fun for you as it was for me! I'm so excited to get the prizes in the mail to our winners! Each winner has been contacted. Please see today's second blog post, posted soon, for Week 2's giveaways and extra ways to win.

Thanks so much for participating! Congratulations, again, to our winners! And Good Luck to you for next week's drawings!