Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nudges of Spring Market

Plans are forging ahead for Spring Market, 2009! I'm designing & making the last sample quilt in the series of "I Love Lucy" fabric by Quilting Treasures. The fabric line is called: "Hollywood At Last". I've also designed & will be making the quilt for their upcoming Norman Rockwell's "Christmas" line, as well. These quilts will be displayed in QT's booth in May.

In addition to the Block-of-the-Month I'm hosting through my website, I'm in the process of finishing the design for a BOM that will be distributed by Brewer (available to quilt shops everywhere). Quilts, Inc. has to put the final approval on it, but I've also been asked to do a "Schoolhouse" presentation promoting the Block-of-the-Month. I'm excited about it because the design is fresh and modern and I'm hoping to turn on some would-be appliquers into great lovers of this resurgent art form.

RJR is coming out with a new line called: Fifth Avenue. I'll be making a quilt from this fabric for Market, too.