Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday Sew Club

Good friendship and conversation is plentiful while they sew. Here is Mary, stitching her second block of Sue Garman's "Ladies of the Sea" applique quilt pattern . . .

. . . while "Fifi" (Gail) is in the kitchen, slicing up the most delectible quiche!

What a delightful group to spend some quality time with, sharing an art we all love: Quilting! I was so thrilled to find out from Roz that there are 4 ladies in the group that are making the Ladies of the Sea quilt (two of which could not attend, this past Friday). I belong to the online Yahoo Group and it is such a treat to make this quilt with new friends.

Above is Mary, Gail, Lynn, Roz, and Mary. Lynn Buske was our hostess and she is such a delightful, kind, and talented woman. Lynn is best known for her creative techniques and informative classes and teaches around the country. She has been quilting for 43 years.

I'm really enjoying my new friends and look forward to spending more time with them. They're fun to be with.