Monday, October 15, 2012

Yellow Jelly Blog Monster: "Feed Me!"

 I was viewing someone else's blog quite by accident. You know how how it goes: you start out on a web page, click a link, then click another link, and end up somewhere where something inspires you? Well . . . that's what happened here.

And that's how I've invited the Blog Monster to my blog.

Illustration by Nacho Gomez
The nature of my business has me doing work that I'm unable to announce while it is happening; as I am working on a project or a series of projects (as I'm doing now!). Well, I guess I could talk about it, but my blog post would sound rather cryptic and would not contain images of what I can't really talk about. Actually, I think that as social media has become even more engrained in our daily lives, it's loosening up a bit.

Things will be changing, however, as the new year is beginning to approach. I will be taking on a few new projects that I'll be happy to announce when I can. And, I'm hoping to have more time to write here in my blog.

In the mean time, I'm so grateful that you've been a consistent reader and must admit that I am tickled each time a comment is left!

Have a beautiful day!