Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Discovery: Blue Rose Pottery

My husband, Erv, has been working in Mexico and living in El Paso, Texas, for the past 3 weeks. It's tough to be away from your spouse for that long, especially if he's your best friend and biggest fan. We enjoy spending time together, so there is a big void for both of us.

Bluebell Teapot Image compliments of Blue Rose Pottery

On Friday evening, I drove up to Charlotte to pick Erv up from the airport. On my way, I saw a couple of new billboards advertising a pottery store off Exit 85 of I-77 in South Carolina. The name of the store is Blue Rose Pottery. I thought it would be a fun shop to stop by when he flew out, a few days later, so that's what we did.
Indigo Place Setting Image compliments of Blue Rose Pottery 

Check out the beautiful patterns they sell on their website. While we were at the store, we also discovered a few Christmas patterns, too. I never knew there were so many unique Polish pottery shapes and designs available!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Market Updates from Minneapolis

Last week was crazy-busy. I finally have a moment to share a few more of my observations from Spring Market . . .

What to look for in upcoming months, online and at your favorite quilt shop:

From Robert Kaufman . . .

Coming to stores in July: Monaluna's Metro Cafe. Add some solids, and this line would make into a beautiful Candy Bar Road!

Like butterflies and darling coordinating prints? Check out Remix by Ann Kelle. This grouping is very colorful and fun! Great for quilt backings, or try all prints with one of our easy patterns, such as Patchwork Rendezvous.

I saw lots of touches of gray in many of the new lines coming out, this Summer. Check out Nancy Mim's Free to Grow; a new organic cottons line. Try it with our Bachelorette Party pattern for a dynamic throw.