Friday, January 18, 2008

Making Basic Italian Tomato Sauce

Do you ever get a craving for a good tomato sauce?

I do . . . and I'm craving it now.  This shows the tomato portion of my sauce.  The rest is a combination of a couple of recipes I've acquired from friends: my girlfriend's mom's recipe and another girlfriend's recipe.  I add olive oil, fresh garlic, celery, carrots, fresh and/or dry basil, garlic powder, and purified water to dilute the paste.  Sometimes fresh onion, too.  That's it!  I sometimes like to take a soup spoon and dip into a cold pan of this stuff the next day, right from the fridge.  Yum!  And it is always better after the first day.  Always.  If you have time constraints but would like a delicious dinner, boil some frozen ravioli and make your favorite oil & balsamic dressing and pour over baby salad greens.  Very easy, delicious, and it looks like you spent all day making it.

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