Friday, October 17, 2008

Houston International Quilt Market and Block-of-the-Month News

The International Quilt Market, which takes place in Houston next week, is such an exciting event. My dear friend Kari Ramsay, of Fresh Cut Quilts, will have her first booth there, so if you are a quilt shop owner or will be attending the show under other circumstances, please be sure to stop by her booth and say hello. She's a great gal who has some great designs, so please check her out and give her support for her first time displaying her lovely quits and patterns.

Unfortunately, I will not be attending this year's Market. But that's okay, as I have lots to work on. I'm talking with a fabric company about doing a block-of-the-month using their fabrics, then distributing the pattern through their sister company. I'll actually be reviewing the fabrics that will be out during Market, after Market. The next week will give me time to wrap up my ideas for this project, which I am very excited about. In addition, I will be hosting a block-of-the-month on my website. I should have the designs complete within the next 4 weeks, so this should be a fun one to participate in, as it will be ready to go on January 1st. Anyone can participate and if someone decides to join later in the year, the patterns will still be available. I will be charging a minimum (very minimum!) fee because I will be using a third party to deliver the blocks to each club member and the funds will go toward that cost. Using the third party should eliminate any delivery problems we had over the past year with returned e-mails due to problems on the receiver's end. I'll talk more about this real soon!

SuzGuz Designs will have 4 quilts at Market. I know we'll definitely have two, but I believe a third quilt design of mine will be in Quilting Treasures' booth. The 4th quilt will be in RJR's booth. Again, if you are attending, please ask to see our quilts in QT's and RJR's booths! Say hello to Donna for me at Quilting Treasures', and Beatriz at RJR's booth.

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