Saturday, November 1, 2008

Soup Weather . . . or not?

I can't believe it's November 1 and we haven't had our first snow fall in Colorado. It's been in the 60's/70's over the past week and I've been on this soup-making kick . . . that is, if you think making it twice in one week is considered a "kick". This is the last one I made: Minestrone. It's one of those packaged versions with dried beans and a seasoning pack. This one called for a small can of crushed tomatoes. I added one, plus a can of diced tomatoes. It also called for 3/4 cup of pasta. I was pre-occupied as I was making the pasta portion of the soup and accidentally poured the entire pound of pasta in (talking on the phone or something). What do you do at that point? Pull out what you weren't supposed to put in? Nope. Just go with it. I think it looked prettier than it would have with the little bit they said to use. The bread is a multi-grain and went perfectly.

The first soup I made days earlier was a Northwest Lumberjack green pea. That called for carrots, celery, and onion sauteed in margarine. I sauteed it in Smart Balance, then added it to the rest of the soup that had already been cooking. It was so delicious. No picture this time. I'm trying to be a better blogger and am receiving great Blogging Coach lessons from my friend Dana at Old Red Barn Co. Thanks, Dana! ;)

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Maureen said...

after a false start a few weeks ago~brrrr~, I think we are now officially heading into soup season with this weekend.
That soup looks delicious and as my Italian husband would say, you can never have too much pasta! I love your white bowls. Have been looking to replace my old everyday dishes with a simple, pretty white set like that.