Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting It All Ready!

Quilt designing is a process. I'll explain how I do it. We all have a different method, I'm sure. This is an image of a block from my current 2009 Block-of-the-Month Club:

I typically begin with a pad of graph paper. I used to use this same medium when I would plan out floor plans for my interior design clients. Graph paper is a wonderful tool to use because it's already broken down into equal spaces, which makes for easier figuring . . . Yes! You have to have somewhat of a knack for math.

I sketch out a myriad of designs: blocks, quilts, images, motifs. No particular system; just sketch whatever inspires me. Sketching is one of my most favorite things to do. I aspire to one day put what I envision on paper, onto fabric.

Next, I determine how much fabric I'll need. When figuring out the amount of fabric, you need to consider that there may be adjustments while writing the pattern. With experience, you instinctively know to get what you need and just a bit more to cover potential errors. I'm so pleased to say that the extra fabric from our "Box of Chocolates" pattern allowed me to put this give-away together.

We're getting the package ready! From the fabric I have left over from making my sample quilt, 6 of the 25 fat quarters will not be in the form of a fat quarter.

You'll actually be getting more than a fat quarter from the 6 . . .

For the two or three fabrics I didn't receive enough of, you will get comparable replacements in color tone, so you'll still achieve the same effect . . .

Special Notice: If you signed up for the NuzLetter and/or found me on Facebook, but you didn't reply to our initial announcement, I cannot count your votes. So if you want ALL of your votes to count, be sure you posted a message to our 09/09/09 Giveaway blog post, below!

Just 3 more days to go . . . I'm so thrilled to be able to make this available to all of you.

Good luck!

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