Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Lovely Young Lady

My quilter, Linda Barrett, of Threads and Traditions, is originally from England. However, Linda's father is from Estonia. Other than what Linda has shared with me, I knew nothing about this charming little country; the smallest of the Baltic countries that sits on the Baltic Sea.

You know how you start researching one thing, then it leads you to another? Well, through Lonely Planet, I stumbled upon a young lady's blog who wrote about a trip she took to Tallin, Estonia (town square pictured, above). I was drawn in by her experiences of travel, not only to Tallin, but to other spots across Europe. Go to her blog to learn interesting facts and tidbits about unique travel opportunities. She also just started a travel planning/consulting business that I hope to one day take advantage of. I bookmarked her site for the future. Near future, I hope!

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