Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buying My Bottle of Pet Rocks

In my Concept Development class that I'm taking now, we're talking about point-of-purchase (POP) displays.  It is interesting to note how effective they can be.  Whether you're at the fabric store, in line to check out with your groceries, or stopping by a drug store, the cash registers are always laden with little extras to entice us.  And it works!  One nationally known retailer has taken it to an entirely new level, where they corral you down an aisle full of POP items.  Brilliant on their part; where you don't have a choice but to look all around you while you wait in line for your turn to check-out.  Pretty smelling candles, do-dads for the kitchen, decorative frames, books, movies, and even funky socks.  Most of the items are about $10 or less.  However, the enticing isn't over yet.  When you're called to be checked out, as you approach the register, you'll see other POP displays, calling out to your hunger pangs or luring you in, visually.

I was trying to remember what I bought last, while at the cash register.  I think it was my bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press.  Lavender Fields.  If you haven't tried ME's line of pressing spray, you really ought to try a bottle.  My friend, Kari Ramsay, turned me onto it a few years ago, while attending my second International Quilt Market.  It truly is a marvelous product to buy on impulse!

Remember the pet rock? One of the one-hit-wonders of the retail world!  Do you have any "pet rock" ideas?  All it takes is one small, quirky idea that you may have, and then act upon it.  


Maureen said...

What an interesting subject! and I'm so easily manipulated. I had to stop watching QVC. They have so many things I NEEEEEED!

SewLindaAnn said...

Just wanted to say I bought ME's Lavender for the same reason and so happy I did. Now I press more just to have it in the air!