Friday, March 11, 2011

Beach House in McCall's Quick Quilts April/May 2011 Issue

I've been remiss in announcing appearances in the McCall's magazines, lately. We even made the front cover!

I'm thrilled to announce the latest, called: Beach House

Image compliments of McCall's Quick Quilts, Apr/May 2011


Leanne said...

Congrats on making the cover, Susan!!!
I love the splashes of red in the quilt.
Enjoy your day,

Susan Guzman, SuzGuz Designs said...

Hi Leanne:

Thank you so much! It was a fun one to design, and one you could make up using charm squares, as well. I think that would look fantastic, especially if you would use a charm pack from a favorite Moda line, then coordinate with other fabrics. However, you would have to count the plain squares to figure out how many charm packs you'd need.

Maureen said...

After this winter anything named beach house is an attention getter but this, with its pinwheel motif and pretty colors is extra appealing.Congrats on another cover Susan :)

Susan Guzman, SuzGuz Designs said...

Hi Maureen:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all you said. I agree; this winter sure has been a snowy one!

Fran said...

Susan I am so proud of you & I'll bet Liz is too. Love the quilt and congrats on making the cover. Fran (Kirkwood) :)

Sharon Pernes said...

I saw that pattern and love it. Its on my list of future quilts I want to make. Great job!

rubyslipperz said...

I abSEW-loot-ly LUV this quilt! The pattern and colors are sooo! It's the main reason I bought the magazine... =)