Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Door Decor

Sometimes it's great to take a break from doing what I do for a living and create something different. This is my new Fall door wreath.

I bought all of the "ingredients" at Michaels a few weeks ago during one of their sales.

1 hot glue gun (I used a small glue gun)
2-3 glue sticks
1 wrapped (brown; resembles a tree branch) round of floral wire
wire cutting tool
2 unfinished grapevine wreaths, 24" diameter
1 length of grape leaves with "frosted" matte grapes vine
2 bunches of purple hydrangeas
1 bunch of green hydrangeas
2 bunches of tiny green berry sprigs

1. Lay grapevine wreaths on top of each other, then take floral wire and tie together. When finished, attach a looped piece to the back where you'd like to hang your wreath from.

 2. Take your length of grape leaves vine and position on top of your wreath; secure with floral wire.

3. Using wire cutting tool, separate then cut long stems of purple hydrangeas from each of the bunches and stick into your grapevine wreath base. Bend wire stems and secure with floral wire, if needed; glue in place.

4. Continue same process with green hydrangeas and green berries.

Tip: After Steps 1 and 2, I placed all hydrangeas and berries first, tied down with floral wire where needed, then moved leaves to get to the base to hot glue all in place.

I like to decorate non-traditionally and plan on leaving my wreath up through to Thanksgiving. At that time I will replace it with one of my hand made Christmas wreaths.

Note: If you were wondering what was in the package in the first image, it's a piece of fabric from Amy Butler's newest collection: Alchemy . . . I'm making the quilt she'll be showing in her booth during Fall International Quilt Market in Houston, TX. It's an amazing design and will be available as one of her free patterns available through her website before the end of the year.


Kate said...

Beautiful! Love the wreath and the color of the door. Maybe I will make one and hang it on the inside of my apartment door. Can't hang it outside.

Susan said...

The color of your door is so striking with the beige. I never would have considered a lavender front door, but now I'm thinking of painting mine this color, as my home has similarly colored siding. Wonder if I can talk my better half into it? The colors you picked for your wreath tie it all together beautifully!

Susan Guzman said...

Hi Kate, thank you so much! That's a brilliant idea, to hang your wreath on the inside of your apartment door! I'd love to see it when you're finished (through my blog email).

Hi Susan, go for it!! Funny thing is, you won't find purple inside my home. It is a color that I've come to like more as I've gotten older (okay, maybe you'll find bits of purple in some of my quilts!). I feel the darker purples are more sellable to our spouses, so good luck and let me know how it goes!