Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays . . . Update!

I've had so many great comments on how helpful my PFAFF Tutorial Tuesdays have been, where I've been learning about my PFAFF quilt expression 4.0 sewing machine. You may have wondered why I've been on hiatus.

While I was hosting the tutorials about the 4.0 through my blog, PFAFF came out with the quilt expression 4.2 machine. Since it is a part of their newest release of the quilt expression series of machines, they were kind enough to send it to me so that I could continue to talk about their latest technology. I believe that those of you who have the 4.0 machine will still find benefit from my tutorials.

PFAFF quilt expression 4.2 sewing machine. Image courtesy of PFAFF

 I am wrapping up 4 deadline projects in the next few weeks and will then resume my Tutorial Tuesdays, so please stay tuned!

Thanks for your interest!

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Tracy O'Neill said...

Do you have any idea when your tutorials will start again?