Sunday, March 22, 2009

Upcoming Design: Mary Ellen's Basket

This afternoon, I began cutting Turnovers out of Layer Cakes, and this is what I have left to cut (there is a whole row of Layer Cakes under what you see).

Take it from me: It is better to simply buy the Turnovers than to cut them out of larger pieces of fabric.

However, the fabric I wanted to use for my sample for Mary Ellen's Basket did not come with Turnovers, thus I'm doing the cutting (you can see the stack I've cut so far in the background, which consists of the rectangular pieces you see spread out on the cutting mat).

It's been a lot of fun seeing the different fabrics that are in this line and I look forward to seeing how they all come together.

In the last photo, you'll see a printout from my EQ6 program where I printed off the yardage. With the yardage estimate comes a tiny picture of each individual fabric you use in your design. I keep these close by when designing, especially if I'm dealing with a lot of different fabrics. I like to mark on this page, the number of cut sizes I will need of each fabric. I love being organized and this has helped immensely!

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Maureen said...

Turnovers, layer cakes, Honey buns....I don't know if I want to sew or visit our bakery!! Beautiful things as always Susan.