Monday, August 24, 2009

A Delightful Day in Charleston

We recently took a day trip to Charleston, SC.

It is a city seeped in history and amazing stories from the past.

I have such a love for architectural details and often find inspiration for my designs from photos I take.

I took several photos of doorways and loved the simple lines and knobs of these doors. This home is for sale and had a mossy slate walkway to the back courtyard.

This antique stairway was so charming, with greenery popping from the cracks and a checkerboard entry, once you passed through the massive iron gate.

The homes are so beautifully taken care of, painted in cheerful colors . . . some dating back to the 17oo's.

We found cobblestone streets . . .

. . . and streets made of brick.

It was truly a delightful day!

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