Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Splendid Sampler II, Block 13: Betty's Bloom

This past Thursday, we began Week 13 of the Splendid Sampler 2 Block-of-the-Week quilt along.

Last time, we introduced you to the adorable block, called: Free as a Bird by Irene Blanck. You can see my version of Irene's block, here.

Carl Hentsch is this week's featured designer. I was so thrilled to learn how he named his block in memory of his dog, Betty. Although Carl and I have never met, I so appreciate his thoughtfulness. This warms my heart because I'm a huge dog lover and miss my beautiful boy, Boomer, who spent countless hours as my companion, protector, and best friend before I met my husband. Of course, Boomer's roles continued, but he also made room in his heart for Erv; from the beginning when they first met.

Boomer: Christmas, 2002, in Pittsburgh, PA

Once I started my design business, Boomer and Maisy, who we adopted in 2005, loyally followed me around and laid at my feet while I sat at the computer working on new quilt designs and writing patterns, and also while I was planning and sewing my designs together in my sewing room. When we lived in South Carolina, I had the entire space above our garage for my studio. One of my favorite photos is when I caught the two of them on the sofa curled up while I was working.

Maisy and Boomer in Lexington, SC, January, 2010

Those were great times, for sure! Back to Carl's block...

Please do check out the blog post Carl wrote about his block. He not only touches on his beloved dog, Betty, he shares his block in two settings: One, a repeat of the block and the second one . . . well, I'll let you see it for yourself; a great alternative idea, should you wish to use his block duplicated in a quilt setting.

Carl's block, called Betty's Bloom, is a Foundation Paper Pieced block. Here is my version:

When I started making my block, I was having a difficult time deciding what fabrics to use (and it was well before I decided to incorporate my Circa 1934 fat quarter bundle and the additional fat quarters I've since purchased). So with that said, I decided to just use two prints in the starburst-portion of the design, instead of the four prints Carl used. I kept the red/cream and blue/gray theme going with the perpendicular strips, and then decided to use the mottled yellow print that I had for the center to tie in the yellow I've used in earlier blocks, as well as give the center of my bloom added interest.

So there you have it: Betty's Bloom!

The Splendid Sampler 2 book will be available October 2018. It is currently available for pre-sale so order your copy, now!


Midge said...

So glad I clicked through to read your blog post. Boomer's expression is so much like that of my own dear and Best Dog Ever Bo, a liver and white English Springer Spaniel. That dog sustained me during a difficult time and he left far too soon, sadly. Love your "hugs and kisses" in this great block!

Susan Guzman said...

Hi Midge! Thanks so much for commenting! I love to hear people's thoughts. It's neat how we have our best-dogs-ever with names that start with "B" and they were both liver and white Springers! I so agree with you on how your Bo (and my Boomer) was there for you during a difficult time and left too soon. Honestly, that's exactly how I felt about Boomer. Thanks, again!