Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recent Findings at Local Antique Mall

I love snarfing around at antique malls! Shopping an antique mall is the best place to find lots of treasures under one roof. I typically find bargains I would never have expected, and that's what makes it an exciting adventure.

The things I like to look for are textiles (tea towels, vintage fabric, feedsacks, table cloths, quilt blocks, and miscellaneous linens), indoor and outdoor furniture, sewing machines/accessories, antique buttons, paintings, etchings, prints, old picture frames, and unusual home accessories.

Unless I'm looking for something specific and/or for a project, I like to keep my purchases to a minimum. This is what I recently found while shopping with my husband at a Northern Indiana antique mall:

Ship hand towel and floral tea towel.

Vintage fabric pieces.

Full feedsack.

Partial feedsack.

What was amazing to me was that my total purchases came to $12.

As an aside, an average starting auction price of one feedsack on eBay is around $9-$10, and you can find novelty and rare prints starting at upwards of $65-$100. Surprisingly, I found the red tulips feedsack for $1, as well as finding the partial feedsack for the same price.

It sure was fun finding bargains at the antique mall that day.


Quilt n Queen said...

Love those feed sacks....what a deal!! I haven't been antiquing for quite awhile....maybe DH and I will go this weekend. Did you go to Spring Market? I couldn't go this year:o(..have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Nancy said...

Hi Suz! I have a huge tub of vintage doilies, linen embroidered tea towels and Swedish Weaving.......but......I just cannot turn down a good tag sale or flea market find!! Love the ship tea unusual! Have a great day!

Susan Guzman, SuzGuz Designs said...

Quilt n Queen, yes, quite the deal, right?! I love antiquing with my hub. :) Unfortunately, no Spring Market this year.

Nancy, don't you just love vintage textiles? Yes, I agree with you on the ship towel. It was a great find!